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FIC goes "home" for its 60th

Shortly after FIC was born in 1960, a close relationship was formed with members of La Vie Novelle, an organization with a similar mission and like goals, whose home was in France. Thus, FIC’s first steps were taken in Paris exchanging views and news with people there. Fr. Bosc was our “ French uncle” who handled our early education into cultural affairs abroad. We grew steadily through several visits to the country while staying as guests in French homes. In this way we learned about their lives, politics, and religion. It was here that the formation was laid for the Mission Statement we now proclaim. Part of this statement explains a way of appreciating others: To celebrate the similarities we encounter in peoples all over the world and to respect whatever differences that are bound to exist among humans.
Thus, how appropriate that FIC – now in its maturity – should once again pay tribute to our oldest friends by spending its 60th Birthday with them! Paris is still a beckoning light as Abbie Knobben so aptly says it in his poem on the city:
I love the Eiffel tower
The statues on every street
I love the historic buildings
The locals kind to greet
I love the Gargoyles tale
and the fountains tricking sound
I love the leafy trees that line the Seine
The metro underground
I love the warm hazelnut crepes
and how the language flows
I love the open air markets
and the fashionable French clothes
I love Paris in the daytime
and when it sparkles bright at night
I dream one day I’ll go back to Paris
and look out my window and say
“oh what a sight!”

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