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Articles from the Fall 2015 NewsNotes

Danube River trip

Email from Bucharest

Articles from the Summer 2015 NewsNotes

Thanks for the Memories

President's Corner

Articles from the Spring 2015 NewsNotes

Russian visitors

Presiden'ts corner

Articles from the Winter 2015 NewsNotes

Looking back

President's Corner

Articles from the Summer 2014 NewsNotes

The ultimate trip to Spouth Africa

Global entry program

Articles from the Winter 2014 NewsNotes

FIC sails the sea to the 2013 Annual Meeting

President's Corner

Articles from the Summer 2013 NewsNotes

Great Decisions helps FICers become informed citizens

The President's Corner

Articles from the Winter 2013 NewsNotes

A message from your editor

The lure of the Far East

Articles from the Summer 2012 NewsNotes

FIC goes "home" for its 60th

Our French connection continues

Articles from the Spring 2012 NewsNotes

Bonita Springs

President's Corner

Articles from the Fall 2011 NewsNotes

Visit to Balkins

Annual meeting and Southern Indiana

Articles from the Summer 2011 NewsNotes

Why do FICers travel?

Articles from the Spring 2011 NewsNotes

One Person making a difference

Can one FICer make a difference?

Articles from the Fall 2010 NewsNotes

Memories or Louisville. To come: memories of the Baltic?

Articles from the Summer 2010 NewsNotes

Trans-Canada railway Trip — a grand adventure

Bluegrass Country — Annual Meeting in Louisville

Outreach Report — Open World connection

Articles from the Winter 2009-2010 NewsNotes

Remembering the gracious Japanese people

Thinking outsde the box

Outreach chairman's report

Memories of Finland at the launch of the Space Shuttle

Articles from the Summer 2009 NewsNotes

President's Corner

Chicago's melting pot draws FIC visitors

Trip around Lake Michigan

Articles from the Spring 2009 NewsNotes

FICers spring into another season

The Colegio Esperanza now has eight violins

Articles from the Winter 2008 NewsNotes

Thailand: Land of Smiles - Flowers for Miles

Letter from Varanasi, India

Articles from the Summer 2008 NewsNotes

President's Corner

Richly Memorable Richmond

FIC cows in Kenya

Articles from the Spring 2008 issue of NewsNotes

Presidents' Corner



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