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FIC…….and me. (Your editor, Irene Horst)

As I signed off on a recent e-mail to our friends in Australia, wishing them a Happy 26th anniversary, I just sat back and thought, “Wow, my husband and I knew them before they were married! It’s been a long time. Grateful for their trips here (they surprised us and came in for our 50th ), and my family’s visits across the Pacific to see them, our friendship has grown and continues.

My next epistle was to a Chinese friend, whom I hold very dear. Looking back I realized that I had first met her in the 80’s in China when she was but a young girl. A few years later she stayed at our home for a couple months en route to a school here in the states. Our friendship was cemented at that time…to this day/

Such ruminations have made me realize how important FIC has been in my life. How valuable it has been to meet people from all parts of the world and make friends. By respecting differences and appreciating similarities in peoples, governments, countries has made my life richer. The lasting friendships I have made with fellow FICers locally and throughout this country, is a rewarding effect I can claim.

FIC has been and is more than an organization to me. It was an underlying factor in my life. Helen Keller once said, “I will not just live my life, I will not just spend my life, I will invest my life”. Easily I could add “in FIC”.

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