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National Office:
Foundation for International Cooperation
1237 S. Western Ave.
Park Ridge, IL 60068

The Foundation for International Cooperation has about 250 members, Many but not all are affiliated with chapters in the United States. Each year we plan one cultural exchange trip to a foreign country and one cultural trip in the United States or Canada, following our annual meeting. We also host small groups of visitors from other countries. Local chapters arrange additional activities. Our purpose is to build better international understanding, starting with ourselves. We try to make at least one homestay a high point of our foreign travel. Quite often families we have visited return to visit us.

We hope to reach an international audience. Do you think you might like to take advantage of our hospitality or invite us to stay in your own home (or just meet with us) on some future trip? Maybe you would like to travel with us. On our last trip to Brazil, we were joined by seven Russians.

If you live in the United States, we invite you to join one of our chapters. We will even help you establish a new chapter of your own.

If you would like more information, please e-mail Irene Horst who is our executive director. Irene Horst

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