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The Colegio Esperanza now has eight violins — Thanks to the Caseys and FIC

(From Edwina Johnson)

The San Diego Chapter of FIC attended an 80th birthday celebration for Dolores and Bob Casey. Many members were on hand to congratulate and celebrate this auspicious occasion.
The Americas Foundation delivered a check to Christine Brady for $700 which were matching funds from the national Small World account. This was immediately put to work to continue the education of students at the Colegio Esperanza. Kathy and Ken Casey were able to purchase eight violins and donate them the the school. Now everyone wants a musical instrument. They have an excellent music teacher who is able to instruct the children on the violins.
We have another meeting planned for June which will feature trip reports from our members. Our chapter continues to grow in small ways. We also look forward to the anniversary party planned by the Colegio Esperanza.


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