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The President’s Corner

Greetings to all from Buffalo, the Miami of the North. Since returning from Florida in April, the days and months have flown by too quickly. After dealing with the aftermath of a flooded basement, a minor inconvenience compared to the devastation in the mid-west, I set my sights on Richmond and the annual meeting. Unfortunately, Sally was unable to attend with me because it coincided with her dance recital. Yes, Sally is hooked on tap dancing. If America’s Got Talent ever comes to Buffalo, I’m sure she will audition.
The Richmond tour and meeting was a huge success. I learned a lot about American history and the prominent role that Virginia played in the founding of our country. I also learned about Virginia’s role in the Civil War, a Southern perspective as opposed to the Northern view that I was raised with. The day trip to Norfolk Naval Base and especially the MacArthur Memorial were awe inspiring. My father had a picture of MacArthur hanging prominently in our house and revered him as a true American hero.
The annual meeting was very productive. My thanks to all who attended and endured my presentation on proposed revisions to the By-Laws. With your valuable input, we were able to adopt a much needed revision to the FIC By-Laws. If you would like a copy, please contact the national office.
The Small World Fund Auction, formerly the white elephant sale, was a success raising over a thousand dollars for the Small World Fund. If your chapter has a worthwhile cause that they support, you can apply for a grant from the fund. The applications are available on our newly redesigned web site “”. Many thanks to John Fopeano for spearheading the effort to update the web site.
The study trip to Thailand and Singapore in October looks spectacular. I wish we could go but this fall will be my last semester of teaching full-time at Buffalo State College. I retire in December and then Sally and I will be free to roam the world at will. We are looking forward to the 2009 International study tour, perhaps to Japan. No firm plans have been made yet, but Chicago has been mentioned as a possible site for the next annual meeting and tour. I’ve driven through it, flown over it, and even attended meetings there, but never had the opportunity to explore the city and its surroundings.
Just a word about some other upcoming events. The next board meeting will be held in Buffalo on October 4, 2008. While the board is in town, we plan to have a get-together with the Niagara Frontier Chapter. The Executive Committee will meet in January at our winter home in Bonita Springs, Florida. Since many of you do spend the winter in Florida, we thought it would be nice to have a social event for all the snowbirds. If you’re interested, call or send an email or snail mail to the national office.
Pete & Sally Pawlik

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