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Foundation for International Cooperation
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A message from your editor

In 1960 a number of people felt the need for establishing an organization to advance international understanding and cooperation, and nothing described the mission statement of the newly organized Foundation for International Cooperation, better than James Michener’s words:
“….I believe it was only fortunate experience that enabled me to travel among my brothers (in all continents of this world), and to live with them. I really believe that every man on earth is my brother. He has a soul like mine, the ability to understand friendship, the capacity to create beauty….I know it, when I see them sharing my home.”

These words have continued to be the underlying belief over the course of years, and still today, of the folks who are FICers.
Members have traveled the globe, visiting and becoming acquainted with lands and their people, beyond their farthest dreams. They have opened their doors as well as their hearts to people dressed unlike themselves, eaten food never seen on their own tables, played a type of charades in order to often make themselves understood in spite of different languages.

What have we all gained from this? We have formed bonds with people in spite of superficial differences and respected them; we have formed friendships. Some of the latter have flowed down to our children, a second generation. Another set of customs we have acquired: a tradition of awareness, of forming educated judgments, and of acting individually and/or corporately for better international cooperation.
I hope all of you will look back on your days in FIC and gratefully want to continue to support the organization for the sake of what it stands for, what it has meant for you, and what it can do for future generations.

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