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Can one FICer make a difference?

By Irene Horst

Transitions can be difficult or easy, but never without a bit of trepidation. Going into a new job, sliding into a winter blizzard, entering a strange place, are ones with which most of us are familiar.
Hence, it is not surprising that we are all experiencing some concern at this time. In the face of tremendous economic challenges, unsettled political times, vicissitudes of weather and earthly upheavals, we attempt to cling to the known, the safe, the imperturbable.
Where do we find the latter? Perhaps the best place to look is among ourselves. We do it by finding people whom we can trust, have similar values as we, and maintain the same basic truths. I believe that FIC and its members fall into this category. How many long time friends do we have, whom we have met through FIC? How many places in the world have we visited where we have found people whom we can respect (despite minor differences) , celebrate our similarities , and be proud to know? Isn’t interesting to meet someone who is a friend of a person we know in a distant land? Yes, it can be a small world, and a comfortable one.
I should like very much to invite each of you to send me one instance of such a relationship that you have found through FIC which we can share with the membership. If you feel that you cannot write it down, please e-mail me or call me and I will be happy to put it into writing. Let’s be interactive. In this way we can perhaps share our friendships a bit further and connect deeper with our global acquaintances.
Let there be many windows to your soul, that the glory of the universe many beautify it. Ella Wheeler Wilcox.


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