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Email from Bucharest

FIC met Stefan Egmont in the downtown square in Bucharest, Romania. He was carrying a flag with a hole cut out of its center. He told us about the Peoples’ Revolution which occurred right there where we were standing. We were in front of the Eastern Orthodox Church whose bullet riddled walls gave proof to the December, 1989 uprising. As a teenager he and a friend ran down to observe what was happening in the “big square". He watched his friend get killed. The flag was the Romanian flag with the Communist symbol cut out.

His story was vivid and heart-breaking. His voice got louder and faster as he talked to us. Even today, 26 years later, you could feel his pain. Over 1200 people died, 4000 were injured. Egmont proceeded to tell us about the horrors of living under Communist rule. Thanks to the Romanian Army’s reversal to the People’s side, and the overthrow of the dictator, Nicholas Ceausescu, the people were able to pick up the pieces and rebuild their lives in a democratic fashion. We have kept contact with Stefan.

Hello Irene.

I thank you for your interest in listening to my experiences during the events in December 1989.

I don't know if I told you about the picture with me on the truck. I'm sending you this pic, which actually is one of the most famous pictures of the Romanian Revolution in 1989. That guy dressed in black, in the middle of the truck, is me, shouting and encouraging my group. You can see also the flag I showed you. Unfortunately, the flag keeper was shot dead minutes after the photo was taken. So I took his flag spotted with his blood to spread the message: "We'll die, but we'll be free!"

I am sending you a second picture, taken on December 21st, 1989, on the main boulevard, where we created that famous Barricade. You can't see me, but I'm there, in the first line, facing the tanks. This picture is quite rare, because the people were afraid to take photos until Ceausescu was chased away.

I took a look on your website. I found it interesting and I am glad FIC is involved in helping people in different parts of the world, like you did in Malawi for example. And you have my respect for that, for helping people, especially children with no possibility to open their horizons! You are their guardian angels! Congratulation!
Keep in touch

With friendship, Egmont
PS. Enjoy the pics!

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