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Bluegrass Country

By Irene Horst

Thirty-two adventuring FICers shared many experiences in Kentucky from June 9 through June 14. One thing we all learned was how to pronounce the name of the city we stayed in….Looaville. What a lovely city it is!
We stayed at the Hampton Inn right in the middle of the downtown area which allowed us to walk to a number of places a number of times (including our returns from satiating dinners!) If we chose not to amble, the hotel van was at our beckoning call –coming or going. All done with a smile!
The first day we spent visiting a number of museums which were all within walking distance. The first of these was the Slugger Factory and Museum, which caught our eyes with the four story baseball bat at the entrance. Baseball fans as well as those who are not, enjoyed watching bats being made on the assembly line. (I’m amazed at how interested I have become, while watching a game on TV, to observe the kinds of bats the players are using!) At each place we visited, we were guided by informed personnel. We watched glass-blowers at the Glass Works; saw a dramatic presentation at the Historical Museum, and heard about the growth of Kentuckian Arts and Crafts into its unusual building home.
It was at our first luncheon in town that we were introduced to Derby Pie, a trademarked concoction, which was certainly a most tasty introduction! That and all the delectable meals that we ate made us realize that southern cooking is really something “to write home about”. The most gourmet, however, with elegant surroundings, was the one had at the Rivue Room. The name of the room came from the fact that we had a beautiful view of the Ohio River snaking through the city, from a revolving dining room atop the Galt House.
Needless to say, some might agree that the most mouth-watering stop was at Maker’s Mark Distillery, where not only did we see how bourbon was brewed, but also had an opportunity to tickle our taste buds with it.
Perhaps this last stop might have been called the first of the “Sinners and Saints” expedition, with the second being Gethsemene, the home of the Trappist Monks. Shows you how versatile we all are!

                       Betty Bagel is ready for a wet track!

Another unique occasion was a day’s visit to the Churchill Downs, known the world over for the Kentucky Derby Horse Race. Although we missed the Derby by several weeks, we still enjoyed sitting in Millionaire’s Row for good food …..and a few wagers on the horses that ran in front of us. They are beautiful animals!
All of this just prepared us for our Annual 2010 Meeting, where a number of topics were discussed and suggestions for FIC were given. Our fun auction of donated “treasures” was helped along by our stentorian voiced auctioneer, John Grocholl. FIC certainly is grateful to all the members who brought the lovely items and also to those who competed for the purchase of them. The Small World Fund benefits from this, a fine ending to a fine get-together of friends.

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